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Getting a Handle on Empathy

Class & Discussion

Saturday March 9, 2024 1PM-3PM $34

One of the most misunderstood qualities we possess as humans is our empathy. The simple definition could be seen as feeling and internalizing either the feelings of others or the feelings embedded in a location. Where our difficulties arise is when we do so but have no idea that we are picking them up. To make matters worse, we then blindly assume that the feelings we’ve picked up are of our own generation and then compound our difficulties by unwittingly reacting to them.

Many of us are emotionally confused by what we feel. The idea that we pick up on others is foreign to most of us and to others it is even beyond their capacity to accept that we have such an innate ability. If we are to spiritually mature, we must, in the long run, learn to discriminate which feelings are ours and which of them are of either others or the environment. To do this will help to validate our personal integrity, autonomy and accountability in the universe and then clarify our life path.             

Join me in a class and discussion about the practical characteristics in having and using empathy, its connection to our chakras and the methods we have at our disposal to discriminate and recognize what we are picking up and from whom. If we recognize and use it properly, empathy can be an invaluable tool for our survival let alone for our ascension. The class will be held live at Spirit University 941-954-3200 and will run for approximately 1.5-2 hours.



Class will be held at Spirit University in Sarasota, Florida


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