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John Lawrence Maerz B.A.

In my fifty-six years of metaphysical experience, I have explored many disciplines. What I have found is that every single one of them is simply a different language for the recognition, application and use of energy. All these disciplines in some form or another lead back to our innate abilities that we come into this world with: instinct, empathy and intuition which we were born with and then are eclipsed by the materialistic emphasis of our childhood rearing. My work over these many years has been a struggle back toward incorporating those skills back into my life repertoire. Aside from the -ology disciplines, learning and teaching tarot and then mediumship has been a tremendous boon in opening up my psychic centers and then showing me the necessity of erecting personal boundaries against the misuse by others of my skills and sensitivities. To that extent I have written extensively in many books and articles.

Here, on this site, I will be progressively offering most of what I have learned through examples, shared stories and experiences and providing exercises that I have developed over the years which have given me proficiency, comfort and safety amid the dark and self-defeating forces we tend to confront when our pride and selfish desires get the better of our higher values and morals.

This is a short and sweet expression of what I am all about. To read a more extensive “history” of who I am and how I have arrived here, you may find a more extensive bio if you click here.                    

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